Join Paws to Click's mission of saving lives by promoting responsible pet travel.


Unrestrained dogs cause distractions and potentially tens of thousands of car accidents per year (AAA).

The Paws to click mission is to inspire every pet owner to travel responsibly with their pets. Why join the Paws to Click community? First, to help raise awareness for the danger of traveling with unrestrained pets and how one click helps protect you and your family. Secondly, support efforts to raise product standards in our industry. Currently, only a small fraction of travel harnesses on the market today possess the durability to withstand forces generated from a sudden stop. Please join the Paws to Click movement today. Help inspire your community to raise awareness for responsible pet travel.

The Dangers Are Real

Americans and their pets are senselessly injured or killed in accidents because they are not informed or neglect to utilize a pet travel harness.

An unrestrained 75 lb. dog will exert roughly 2,250 lbs. of force in a crash at only 30 mph.

If an accident occurs, an unrestrained pet could try to protect the vehicle occupants and prevent medical personnel from assisting.

A loose or scared animal could cause another accident, get hurt, or become lost while trying
to get away.

Product Quality Matters

Be sure auto harnesses are tensile tested for superior material strength.

Confirm your travel restraints meet or exceed PPSC durability test standards.

We Can't Do It Without You

Please pledge and spread the word. Inform your loved ones, family and friends. The simple act of harnessing a pet may save your pets, children and vehicle occupants from needless injury or accidents.


How much does your pet weigh?

Pet Product Standards Council

The mission of the Pet Products Standards Council (PPSC) is to develop objective performance standards for pet products and to promote those standards.

  • This group of pet product manufacturers joined together to develop standards in conjunction with independent testing facilities.
  • This organization draws on decades of engineering and research experience within the member manufacturers to develop test protocols and dog test dummies.
  • PPSC collaborates with manufacturers, consumers, independent testing facilities and pet safety organizations to ensure the safest pet products possible.

Pet Products Standards Council (PPSC)


Thank You.

Pledging does not cost any money, only takes a few seconds of your time and we promise not to bombard you with unwanted emails. Help start the movement for change by spreading the word on the importance of traveling safely with your pet. Click to pledge and add your name to the growing list of people who care about safe pet travel.

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